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Who are Working Behind the Screen?

Levis Herrmann is the mastermind who started along with Sheryll & Derick. He wanted a platform that had information that could be useful for all. Hence, he developed the strategies at CleanUpFAQ how the cleaning ideas have been generated, how products were researched and the criteria that were developed to make the right solution.

Sheryl Berrett was one of the first people that Levis sought out to join the team. She had years of experience in online journalism and was not only an avid blogger but had been an entrepreneur herself. Sheryll spent a number of years as the Head Writer at the Search Engine Journal.

Derick Irvyn became the third piece of the management trifecta, but he should be seen as one of the legs that keeps this company standing. Derick has years of experience as a marketing manager, but has also been one of the best researchers that you will find.

Levis HerrmannChief Editor
Sheryll BerrettAuthor
Derrick IrvynAuthor

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